Won't you give back to the community and pitch in to help the LCHS homeless animals? Without the Los Cabos Humane Society there would be countless starving, sick and sufferring animals all over the city - We all need to do our part to continue this good work by volunteering time at the LCHS center with either the dogs or the cats! THANK YOU!Dog Walking Cabo

We live in such a beautiful community here in Los Cabos. We believe that in this community of almost 400,000 people we can find many dog and cat lovers to help us... We need people everyday in the mornings, ( 8:30 - 10:30am ) and in the afternoons (4:30-6pm).

The more volunteers, the better... That means longer walks for the dogs, and the more time they can be out of their small pens... Plus there may be extra time for bathing and playing with the cats etc...

At the center they rely on us, the volunteers, to give the dogs and cats attention, love and socialization. The staff works hard all day to keep the center clean, the dogs and cats fed and medicine administered...   We make sure that the dogs and cats get love, attention and the exercise they need. We need the exercise too!

The staff can assist you at first with getting the dogs out of their pens, until you get used to it.... It is really easy and fun once you get to know them!  Just wear clothes and shoes that can get dirty and bring some water to drink! You will LOVE IT!!!

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Marci at: volunteer@loscaboshumanesociety.com

THANKS !!! We appreciate your support.